Applied Immunology

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TeacherCarla Montesano

Aims: The aim of the course is to provide the scientific and technological knowledge in the field of immunological diagnostics, vaccines and immunotherapy.

Program: Cellular and molecular components of the innate and adaptive immune response. Immunopathology. Immune response in infectious diseases. Poverty related diseases and neglected infectious diseases. Monoclonal antibodies: production and use in research, diagnosis and therapy. Isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and purification of cell subsets. Phenotypic and functional characterization of T and B lymphocytes. Development strategies of diagnostic tools for infectious diseases.

Vaccines: recombinant vaccines, DNA vaccines, live attenuated vaccines. Adjuvancy: microbial and natural adjuvants. Vaccine delivery. Reverse vaccinology. Identification of T and B epitopes: from phage libraries to bioinformatic analysis.  Immunotherapeutic strategies in:  chronic inflammation diseases,  autoimmunity,  transplant rejection and cancer

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