Graduation exams – Instructions can be found here

Deadlines for the March 2029 Session can be found here

Graduation Committee  A.Y 2018/2019 (from July 2019 to May 2020).

President:     Andrea Battistoni

Components: Daniela Barilà, Silvia Campello, Cinzia Forni, Maurizio Fraziano, Luciana Migliore, Carlo Rodolfo, Sabina Visconti

Substitutes:  Fabrizio Loreni, Carla Montesano

Forms download

Form-1 Declaration of the Supervisor   (must be handed to the students’ secretary)

Form 2 List of Elective Courses   (must be handed to the students’ secretary)

Form-3  Thesis Abstract  (must be handed to the Coordinator)

Form 4  – Declaration of Conformity of  CD / DVD content – Degree thesis

COMMITMENT DECLARATION  Commitment declaration during Covid-19 Emergency

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