Tuition Fee Payment Postponement

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The deadline for the second installment payment has been deferred to 10th June 2020, for both the tuition fees that were to be paid...   Read More

Start of online courses

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The second semester will start on the 16th of March. Lessons will be given online using the Microsoft Teams platform that integrates Office 365...   Read More

Notice about the next graduation session

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We inform you that the procedures for activating an online graduation session are being finalized. Form 3 can be delivered to the course coordinator...   Read More

Postponement of the second semester

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As a result of the DCPM regarding the adoption of measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus throughout the country,...   Read More

Second semester timetable

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The second semester timetable is now available in the Schedule section

Internships opportunities

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Two experimental theses are available at the laboratory of Prof. Antonella Ragnini. Topic: Study of the mechanisms of action of remyelinating drugs in models...   Read More

Reopening of the REGISTRATION PROCEDURES for the 2019-20 academic year

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Please look at information at this link http://www.scienze.uniroma2.it/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/SECONDO-AVVISO_IMMATRICOLAZIONE-LAUREEE-MAGISTRALI-SCIENZE-2019-2020.pdf Enrollment will close on March 31 2020

Pharmaceutical Chemistry – exam anticipation

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The first exam session was brought forward to February 7th. All interested students are asked to contact the professor by email to book the...   Read More

Structural Biochemistry

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the Structural Biochemistry (Prof Desideri) exam of January 27 is moved to January 30. For any clarification, please contact the teacher

Exam Schedule 2019-2020

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The updated exam schedule is now available. http://www.biotechuniroma2.it/schedule/

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