Structural and Industrial Biochemistry

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BIO/10, BIO/11

Aims: The program has the general objective of illustrating some of the main applications of biochemistry in the industrial, medical and food sectors and to provide the student with the cultural tools to understand how to produce and modify the proteins used in many of these processes. To this end, the knowledge of the structures of protein macromolecules, of the interactions important for their stabilization and of their structural and functional features will be deepened. A further objective is to provide the student with a critical scientific method that can be applied independently in dealing with new scientific problems in structural biology and applied biochemistry.

Industrial Biochemistry (8 CFU)

Teacher: Andrea Battistoni

Program: Fermentations and their applications. Biotechnologies and biofuel production. Analysis of the different applications of protein in the pharmaceutical field, in food industry, in analytical chemistry, in agriculture and animal husbandry and in other applicative areas. Procedures for the production and isolation of proteins of biotechnological interest. Discussion of issues concerning the relationships between protein structure and function. Modification of enzymes and proteins aimed to their improved use in the industrial and pharmaceutical fields. Immobilized enzymes. Biosensors.


Structural Biochemistry (3 CFU)

Teacher: Alessandro Desideri

Program: Characteristics of amino acid side chains, their reactivity and frequency in proteins. The weak interactions. Protein maturation, the process of “folding”, “unfolding” and “misfolding”. The problem of folding in vivo, the control mechanisms.Protein Stability. Examples of  Molecular recognition.

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