Pharmaceutical Applications of Plant Metabolites

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Patrizia Aducci

Aims: The course aims to provide students with knowledge of natural substances and the properties of medicinal plants and their applications to medicine and nutrition. The study of different classes of natural bioactive molecules  and the legislation  regulating their applications will give to the students the means to  carry out research on this area starting from the methods for the isolation to the clinical application of natural drug

Program: Distribution and characterization of bioactive natural products in plants. Medicinal  plants and officinal herbs: definition, classification  and regulation. Methods for preparation and analysis of herbal active components:

Elixir,Spirit,Tincture and methods for their quality control. Role of secondary metabolites in plant defense against pathogens and herbivores. Biosynthesis of phenols. Biosynthesis of terpenes , from mono to tetraterpenes. Nitrogen-containing compounds. Alkaloids, cyanogenic glucosides, glucosinolates. Essential oils :methods for preparation and their applications . Plants containing metabolites of each group will be described  as well as their applications in pharmacology and nutrition.

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