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Teacher Lina Ghibelli

Aims:The course aims at providing the basic notions of nanotechnology, within the Materials Science ambit, and deeply review the biotechnological applications of the various types of nanomaterials. The goal of the course is to reach a deep comprehension of nanomaterials and their biotechnological applications

Program: Nanomaterials: generalities and biotechnological explotation; Basic notions on nanomaterials; Properties of nanomaterials of biomedical interest. Interaction of nanomaterials with biological systems. Biocorona and its significance. Agglomeration, aggregation, contaminants and ion leaching. Routes of nanoparticle entry and epithelial barrier crossing. Basic techniques in nanoparticle biotechnological applicatons. Biomedical applications of Carbon based materials: benefits and hazard. Intrinsically active nanomaterials: the oxides. Biomedical exploitation of intrinsically bioactive nanomaterials. Nanomaterials as antioxidant: Overview of intracellular ROS flow and antioxidant defences. Nanomaterials as anticancer agents: Overview of DNA damage, DNA repair and DNA damage response. Nanomaterials as anticancer agents: Overview of normal and cancer microenvironment. Nanomaterials as UV-protecting agents: Overview of UV biological effects. Cerium oxide nanoparticles as antioxidant agents. Cerium oxide nanoparticles as UV protecting agents.  Cerium oxide nanoparticles as radio-sensitizing agents. Nanomaterials in anticancer therapy: photo-activation and up-conversion. Nanotoxicology. Potential adverse effects of nanomaterials on health. Nanomaterials as Drug delivery agents. Nanomaterials in regenerative medicine. Other applications of nanoparticles in biotechnology


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