Microbial Technology

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Aims: A deep insight on the microbe/man interaction dynamics, the importance of the human associated microbiota and its possible outcomes. Students should understand the bacterial virulence strategies and the current state and perspectives of fighting them. They should acquire the basic skills to handle the main microorganisms used for microbial biotechnologies.


  • Microbe/man interactions and their possible outcomes.
  • Bacterial pathogens: pathogenic power and virulence.
  • Virulence evolution, strategies and mechanisms.
  • The Human-associated microbiota: community structure and diversity.
  • Influence of age, diet and genetic background on the microbiota/host interactions; possible outcomes of microbiome expression and microbiota alterations.
  • Fighting pathogens: antibiotics, bacterial resistance strategies and related problems.
  • Facing “superbugs” with the phage therapy.
  • Microorganisms and biotechnology: basics, history, research fields. Choosing the optimal host Codon adaptation index and PLS modeling.
  • Industrial employing of microorganisms. Microbes for biotechnologies: taxonomy, features, cultivation, genetic manipulation and heterologous expression in Bacteria: (Escherichia coli; Bacillus, Lactic Acid bacilli –LABs-and Streptomyces) andYeasts (Saccharomyces, Hansenula, Pichia, Kluyveromyces).
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