High throughput technologies in drug discovery

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Antonella Ragnini

Teacher: Antonella Ragnini

Aims: The course aims to provide the theoretical and methodological tools for the understanding of technological advances in drug discovery and how these technologies have allowed to develop the concept of personalised medicine and to identify novel biomarkers and innovative drugs

Program: From single gene analyses to High throughput (2h)
To approach today research challenges in biotechnology and translational pharmacology several types of High Throughput technologies (HT) platforms have been established. The number of academic sites establishing HT platforms for drug discovery has dramatically increased in all Europe in the past ten years mostly due to contraction of pharmaceutical early stage research program, increased collaboration among consortia constituted by government grant agency, accademic institution, pharmaceutical companies and private disease foundation. Today translational research requires broadening research interests from single gene function to system biology and drug discovery. This course will give an overview of actual HT technologies, strategies and goals pursued in academic and pharmaceutical environments.
-HT technologies in biology (6h) . The use of automated equipment in classical cell biology have permitted a rapid and parallel study of large number of genes making our thinking of how to approach basic genetic, biochemical and cell biology question different. There were many basic question that could not be posed due to the lack of HT technologies able to approach them with a multiple target view. The possibility to answer to these question with more accuracy and systemic way, will allow us to shift from understanding single gene function to have an organismic view of genes function. In this part of the course we will focus on underlying general approaches and clarify technical issues regarding :
HT technologies in genomics :
HT technologies in proteomics
HT technologies in transcriptomics
HT technologies in cell biology
HT imaging Screening platforms and Data analyses in HTS (2h) : In this section we will analyse the issues related to the development of a screening project from the choice of cell based assay to the screening design, drug libraries choices, Probe selection drug screening strategies
HT application in details (6h) : A number of papers regarding successful application of given HT technology will be assigned to group of students that will be requested to present it to the other students in form of open discussion. If will be possible students will be involved in practical approaches that require planning and application of HT microscopy in drug discovery in open lab sections.

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