Drug Design and Development

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Teacher: Tatiana Guzzo

Aims: To gain knowledge on the different phases of the drug discovery and development process. To understand deeply the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic principles underlying the drug design and development process. To learn the key approaches and strategies of contemporary Drug Discovery.

Program: Drug Discovery Phases. Molecular Drug Targets (Enzymes, Receptors, Ion Channels, Transporters). Pharmacodynamics and mechanism of Drug-Target Interaction. Pharmacokinetics. Design of New Chemicals Entities with potential biological activity. Rational Drug Design (Structure Activity Relationship, Pharmacophore, Bioisosterism, Chemical Modifications, Lead optimization Strategies). Computer Aided Drug Design (Ligand and Structure Based Approaches, Pharmacophore Screening, Database Virtual Screening, Docking, QSAR). Combichem Approaches in Drug Discovery (Combinatorial Synthesis, Parallel Synthesis Methodologies)

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