Applied Economics

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Teacher: Barbara Martini

Aims: The aim of the course is twofold. The aim of the first part, concerning sustainable development, is to develop the economic framework concerning the use of natural resources in a sustainable way. Special attention is dedicated to the economic analysis of the renewable resources. The second part concerns the evaluation projects. Special attention is devote to the cost and benefit analysis and to the R&D projects. The third part concerns sanitary economics.

Program: Part I: Sustainable development; sources of energy; Demand of energy; Renewable energy: the European approach; Energy market in Italy; Hydro energy; Geothermal energy; Wind energy; Solar energy;

Biomass; Smart cities

Part II: Biotec in Italy; the evaluation of investment projects; cost-benefit analysis; the theory of real options. Research and Development: definition, problems and prospects; Methods of financing R&D.

Part III: Sanitary economics

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