Applied Ecology

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Aims: The course aims at giving the  cultural background and methodology to understand the environmental effects at various levels resulting from the application of technology and management processes, and deal with them with a view to the principles of ecology and sustainability.

  • Ecological principles for the sustainable management of natural resources (natural dynamics, anthropogenic pressures, environmental issues and sustainable development).
  • The key points of ecosystem functioning and of the compartments of the environment (air, water, soil), for the assessment of the effects of human actions at different space and time scales.
  • Environmental issues (over-exploitation of natural resources, extinction of wild fauna and flora, habitat loss, pollution): causes, dynamics, consequences at the local and the global level.
  • Measure of the environmental components: ecological modeling, information systems, bio-monitoring.
  • Legislative frameworks, elements for the assessment of environmental risk.
  • Introduction to ecological economics and environmental ethics.


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